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Panic! At The Disco: Ready To Go [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

One of my favorite songs to jump around and run to!



Was part of the New Found Glory video for ‘Radiosurgery’ yesterday —- and it was CRAZY!

The video is going to be so hilarious and will be so much fun to watch! The concept was inspired by this Ramones’ video for I Wanna Be Sedated to give you an idea of what it will be like — only ours is the 2011 version!

Had to post something for @Buzznet today that made me remember how much I love this song and music video. Classic. 


Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag 

Performance shot! Every Avenue let’s go!
Sneaaaaaak — this video is going to be sick!
Just one more pic from the Every Avenue video shoot for ‘Fall Apart’. 
Had such a fun day getting to observe how they made this video and got to know the guys in the band a little bit. Didn’t really know their music that much or know who was even in the band when I arrived on set to be honest.
However, they were all wicked nice and the video is going to be rad!
When it comes out I will post a link to it and my blog post about my day on set. 



The new Yellowcard video for ‘Sing For Me’ can be seen here! 

this is a good one. 

YES!!! New I Am The Avalanche video, for “Brooklyn Dodgers”

That show as so great a few weeks back and IATA were nuts. 

Also a few babes in this video, not bad. 

What a great day! One of my favorite songs, off my favorite new album of this year, ‘War Paint’ has a new video. The Dangerous Summer just released this music video for the song, “No One’s Gonna Need You More”.

Its simple and just perfect. I love the lyrics and sentiment of this song.

Big fan of performance shots in videos, and this one has a bunch. Caught them at Warped Tour in San Diego, and AJ is another example of a front man that sings with intent. 

Hope you enjoy the video and I suggesting getting their album, ‘War Paint’ and their pervious albums as well. 


VersaEmerge: Santa Baby (Cover)

After recording the cover of ‘Santa Baby’ for The Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale, Sierra from VersaEmerge and her friend shot this video for the song, too. Don’t forget to download the song on iTunes starting December 20th!

Thank you to our friends at PureVolume for premiering the video earlier today!

oh its so good it hurts. 

Ugh, this song : )

Spent the late afternoon/early evening on set for the new Boys Like Girls video. It’s going to be amazing and the guys were all so nice! Behind the scenes shots will be up on Buzznet when the video premieres. And, yeah we too a lot of photos! 
Isaac Rentz answered some questions for me about directing the new Paramore video for “Still Into You” — yeah he rules.
Read it here: