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Thanksgiving so far… Playing on tire swings and inside of tree houses <3
Get in my belly
View from the HOLLYWIRE offices!
"Can I sell this sunrise in return for a sunset?"

Culver City, CA
Had to go to Disneyland for a shoot today.
Yeah, I love my job. 
I like to decorate with Post-its
21. December 2010

22. December 2010

If for no other reason than to just hit stuff as hard as I want. 

22. December 2010

I feel like someone just told me Santa Clause isn’t real. 

Things are looking up, oh finally. I thought I’d never see the day you’d smile at me. We always pull through oh when we try. I’m always wrong but you’re never right! You’re never right! 

This made me cry.

I have loved this band and what I thought it represented for the past five years. I am now confused and saddened to see it all play out like this. I know that this is a rock-n-roll tale that has been told for centuries and will continue to happen for years to come…

but either way as a fan… it just sucks.

A fan who has purchased every album, gone to shows, promoted them to friend and family and memorized every lyric that has ever found meaning in her life.

Secretly I have always wanted to sing in a band… (okay not that big of a secret if you know me - and know that I fucking love to sing and will play rock band at the drop of a hat) and I have always admired how Paramore always seemed to love to perform and write together. 

Just goes to show you how much can be hidden from fans and the struggles happening behind the scenes.

I also know there are three sides to every story… your side, my side and the truth. I guess I will never know the whole truth. I don’t want there to be a strange taste in my mouth now when sing along to When It Rains or Here We Go Again. It just sucks. 

I think everyone at one point or another loves a certain band. For my parents it might have been The Beatles or Dire Straights, for me it was Paramore. I wish we could all (as fans) sit in a room with them and hear the truth. I realize that will never happen… and just like fans before me I have to accept what has happened and trust that it is what is best for all of them.

I have a dear friend in the music industry and hope this sort of thing will never happen to that band…. but I know in some way one day it probably will. 

Anyway, I am just wicked bumed and wish I could fix it. 


Sad Sara

Double rainbow, must be good luck!
Got to help play Santa for my brothers kids… Riley loves balloons! And that huge thing is deflated bouncy castle.

Think they will go mental in about 7 hours!
My lunch with the office.
29. December 2010