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This was a big one for me personally.

The Starting Line are just an incredibly special band for me and seeing them live (for the first time!) — for the ‘Say It LIke You Mean It’ 10 year Anniversary Tour —- and then interviewing them about it (!!!) — was such a dream. They were all so kind, respectful and friendly to me. (That is much more than I can say about some of the newer bands I have interviewed this year.)

They also reminded me afterwards they don’t do interviews anymore — so this was such an honor. 

Having the opportunity to thank them to their faces for an album that has always been special to me, and hear them genuinely say, “no, thank YOU!” — is what all music fans dream of.

10 years later anything can happen. 16-year-old Sara would have passed out — but 26-year-old Sara was just as elated. 

In short, #musicrules. 

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