demonbabay asked:
How can I get started on interviewing bands. Especially if I'm interested in music journalism?

Stay in school. Read books. Read articles. Work really hard. Listen to lots of music. Form a point of view. Work really hard. Go to shows. Write often about the music you listened to/went to see live. Work really hard. Make relationship with people who have the jobs you want. Work really hard. Get an internship. Turn it into a job and continue to work hard.

That was what I did, but there is no said path for any of this. There are tons of way to make it happen — but you have already figured out the hard part. What you are passionate about.

I say follow your gut and take initiative. It’s always a good idea to ask for help and if you fail, try things a different way. A good friend of mine, who also had big dream for himself and has since made them a reality, always told me to ‘stay tenacious.’ So maybe that is the key.

Good luck and always feel free to reach out for advice/help.

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