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Fall 2014 Accessories Trend: 
Grown-Up Backpacks
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Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2015

You haven’t lived if you haven’t had this
Lettuce wraps
Cilantro, lemon, bell pepper rice  Topped with mango, lemon, salt and  pepper
I was originally going to make this with lime but I was out so I used lemon and it was perfect!

morganmcnair asked: I only post audio covers for the same reason, haha. And when I do make videos it's even worse because I try to stop myself from making faces so I just look weirder.

Yeah, just going to embrace that I made stupid faces — haha! 

I don’t normally like to post videos of me playing because I make such stupid faces, but I think you can forgive me.

This is my favorite weekend morning activity. Learning new songs in bed. I often record them and to send friends and family for fun.

Today I sent my parents a Fleetwood Mac song. Anyway, here’s an itty bitty cover of an Ed Sheeran song.


Sharing my first ukulele cover.

I had to change this song around because it was so hard to sing the way Jesse does. 

Perfect for Easter!!